A game tick is the smallest unit of time in the game. There are 20 game ticks every second, and, except for some special exceptions, redstone signals can only be transmitted in units of 2 ticks. Two game ticks are called one Redstone Tick.

  • Redstone Dust takes 0 ticks to transfer a signal from one piece to another.
  • A Redstone Torch takes 1 redstone tick to turn on or off.
  • A Repeater takes 1 to 4 redstone ticks to transfer a signal, depending on its setting.

Repeater Ticks Edit

Since Repeaters most explicitly demonstrate ticks, so a 'Repeater Tick is the time it takes for a repeater to take in and output a redstone signal. The default is 1 redstone tick, but it can be set to a delay of up to 4 ticks.

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