This is a comprehensive list of OR gates. For the basic definition, see Basic Circuitry#OR_Gate.

Design SummaryEdit

Comparison of OR gates
Design Thumbnail Max Inputs Smallest Size
[X×Y×Z bounds]
[volume in # blocks used]
Minimum required blocks Accessible Q? Trigger Worst Delay Earliest possible version Comments
Torches Dust Repeaters Regular Pistons Sticky Pistons Top-Half Slabs
A Ingame OR Gate n 1×2×\left(\left(n-1\right)\text{ when }n>2\text{, else }1\right)
2\left(n-1\right)\text{ when }n>2\text{, else }2
0 \left(n-1\right) 0 0 0 \left\lceil \frac{n}{2} \right\rceil + 1 \text{ when } n>3 \text{, else } 1 No Either 0 Ticks Icon Confirmed12w06 No comments

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